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About A Purfect Cattery

Passionate About Our Fur Babies
A Purfect Cattery is a loving and small homebred cattery. We carefully select our Kings and Queens to get the most exquisite and gorgeous Maine Coons. The cats have free roam of the home and live side-by-side with our dogs. We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery. 

We set up A Perfect Cattery in 2022 to provide an incredible experience for fur babies and families. Starting from small beginnings we carefully select our Main Coons for markings and demeanor, making us the premier Maine Coon Cattery in Birmingham. While we’re proud of our fun and easygoing attitude, our commitment to the safety and security of our pets guides everything we do. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon

I always knew that I wanted a Maine Coon, from their fluffy, swiffer-like tails to the ear wisps I was captivated by their beauty and size.  After gifting my grandparents with a Maine Coon for Christmas one year, I knew that my first Maine Coon was right around the corner. And sure enough, I was lucky enough to get my first Maine Coon in the very next litter and I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to add one to my family.  

Who wouldn’t want a gentle lion—as many lovingly refer to them. Their powerful, yet tender and graceful stride demands attention. And their dog-like demeanor makes you WANT to give them all of the attention, affection and love that they deserve.

Maine Coon cat
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